The FORTAC logo is composed of four icons, each with a different meaning. A lot of time and thought went into the logo; we wanted it to be something more than just a brand. It represents who we are, where we came from, what we do, and where we’re going.



Clockwise from the 12 o’clock, the Compass Rose hearkens back to a time honored Infantry skill set, land navigation. It represents finding one’s way, staying the course, putting in the work, and covering ground, hardships be damned: This is the FORTAC Way of Life.

Moving clockwise, we come the the Ace of Clubs, at the three o’clock. The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) has long held a tradition of marking helmets with unique insignia (primarily playing card suits), since WWII; the Ace of Clubs is the symbol representing various elements of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). FORTAC was founded by a group of Grunts and Medics, a family, that served together in this unit on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. This icon is included not only to refer back to our roots, but also to remind us of the ones who lived well, and died proudly doing their duty, may they never be forgotten.

At the six o’clock, we find a rifle projectile, symbolic of the combative nature and training provided by FORTAC, as well as of the Infantry background that forged it. We understand that violence is a reality, and in accepting that take a path that prepares us for it.

Lastly, at the nine o’clock, is an icon that serves to balance the violence that we train ourselves to understand. The Cross represents the importance of medical knowledge, the responsibility we have to care for our loved ones, and symbolizes those of us that come from the medical side of the house. 

Our logo isn’t just a branding tool; it means more to us than that. It’s a collection of our memories. It holds within it our stories, our collective history, our best times and our worst, our triumphs and failures. It is who we are, a visual representation of the FORTAC Way of Life.

Our motto is, “Live Well, Die Proud.”

Join Us.